My Reading Style

My desire as a tarot reader is to help you to better understand the dynamics of a situation and empower you to act from the biggest and brightest stories of your heart. What are the key people, feelings, relationships, and deep narratives that are influencing the circumstances? Where is there room for you to create something different, or to support a desired outcome? I seek to help you to find the openings where change and transformation can be made on a personal level, to empower your sense of agency, and to lighten your heart so you may walk with purpose.

I see myself as a TAROT GUIDE:

I walk with you through the landscape that tarot reveals and help you to navigate the terrain based on where you would like to go, pointing out landmarks along the way.

What I do during a reading

When I have a decision to make but would like another perspective, I ask the cards. I don't expect the cards themselves to give me an answer, but to help me find what the deeper sources I am connected to may be saying about the situation. That is, the cards are a mirror and channel for reflecting and expressing these deeper sources of insight as interpreted through my associations with the cards drawn. As I organize them into a story, my conscious awareness is able to then take action on them. This is the same process whether I am reading for myself or for another.

Choosing me as a tarot reader

In the case of reading for others, I present the stories that I see in the cards as they relate to the situation or question at hand. The person receiving the reading (the "querent") then has the opportunity to add their own insights based on the stories being formed. This process flows back and forth organically until there is an associative/analogical match between the situation/question and the story in the cards. The querent can then inform their decision with the perspective reflected in the cards. In a concise way, readings with me are directed co-creative storytelling.

I am an empathic and deep-thinking individual who seeks to offer meaningful experiences along a path of self-discovery--GNOTHII SEAUTON. I have a strong background in dreamwork, which has a close connection to tarot in that it also works with "living images" and the language of the imagination. I have found that poetry can be a useful and powerful way to express the insights of dreams, and it has proven to be for tarot as well. To that end, I may incorporate a short poem or poetic language where it complements the prose descriptions in a reading. I also have a bit of a contemplative nature, so I may also suggest simple contemplation practices that you may do on your own with tarot based on your specific situation. These contemplations/meditations may aim to enhance an outcome in your reading, or help you to work the narrative of the reading into your day-to-day life.

If these sound like traits that resonate well with you, I welcome you to chat briefly with me if you have questions, or take the plunge and schedule a reading.