Tarot readings are a way to gather insight for making decisions.

Are you:

  • At an impasse in a situation?
  • Searching for a direction to take in life?
  • Having difficulty making a decision that isn't easily solved by thinking and analysis alone?
  • Curious about opportunities in your life that you may not have considered?

These are all reasons for having a tarot reading to provide insight and spark creativity. In doing so, a situation may be approached with a different perspective and a decision made with that new perspective in mind. Ultimately, my desire for offering readings is that your life is enriched with new (or renewed) meaning and purpose so that you may be and act in this world from the deepest calling of your heart.

Tarot is a tool for telling new life stories

One of the fundamental ways humans of any culture learn is through stories. Through tarot, we are able to guide and write stories that fill us with meaning and purpose using the images in the cards. Through a reading, we have the opportunity to examine our lives both up-close and from a distance to gain perspective on the stories of our lives, and then co-creatively construct new stories with a reader using the cards as a storytelling tool. It is an immensely practical activity akin to feeding the physical body with food--we feed our souls with these stories to grow in depth and richness of experience, and gain insight into what potential actions to take to live those stories.

Offers and Pricing

30-minute Reading
In-person or video call
A good choice for most situations
60-minute Reading
In-person or video call
For involved or complicated issues

Scheduling Your Reading

For in-person readings in the Boise, Idaho area, or a video conference (via Zoom), please call or text me to schedule. This is generally the best way to experience a reading as we will have ample time to discuss the subject, build a story, and do multiple spreads if necessary. I may suggest a visualization using tarot as way to continue to work with the reading on your own. For hour-long readings, I may compose a short poem to hold the energy and story of the reading to take with you.